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Interior Design

D9 has a lot of exciting interior design packages for all types of consumers and their specific requirements. Being one of the best interior design firms in Kochi, we provide unique and customized designs from scratch. The harmonious integration of the interiors used with the available space is our main objective. The interiors must fit the available space well and make the residents feel good. Additionally, we want to transform a bare space in your house into a creative environment. Also, we make an effort to concentrate on space utilisation and revitalization simultaneously. The interior design options we offer assist in altering the space's overall appearance and with the aid of our team, we develop various interior design concepts that are both cutting-edge and popular. We stay abreast of every new development in the field of interior design, as do other interior designers in Kerala, including trends and concepts.

  • - Energy allocation.
  • - Fire protection, safety
  • - Lifts and escalators.
  • - Facade engineering.

Commercial Design

We think that an effective interior design not only supports your business but also propels it to new heights, making our commercial interior design department your go-to partner for the ideal office space or work-from-home corner. Whatever the type of your company—whether you are the owner of a hotel, restaurant, café, or salon—we are here to offer you the best commercial interior design services. D9 creates work environments that boost productivity, balance needs between employers and employees, and promote business culture. Designs that place a strong emphasis on people attract and motivate a top-notch staff that everyone is driven to achieve. Now that you've contacted us, the best office interior designers in Kochi, provide us with the things you like and dislike about your workplace, how to make the most of the area, and the vibe you'd like the area to evoke. We'll meet with you to discuss your project, and together we'll create a brief for your office interior design job. We investigate the factors that connect worker behavior to desired outcomes, assisting us in designing an office environment that fosters well-being and increases productivity. Furthermore, we only submit work that we are enthusiastic about and proud of. Every task that is completed satisfies our own high standards pursuant to our passion, experience, and dedication to our clients.

  • - Active system.
  • - Air conditioning.
  • -BSRIA blue book.
  • - Building services engineer.

Home Design

It's all about you and your home. We, D9, your budget interior designers in Kochi, make an effort to comprehend you and your housing expectations from the very first conversation. Our project manager makes sure that objectives for price, time, and quality are followed while our designers collaborate with you to strike the ideal balance between aesthetics and usefulness. Our team will take the time to learn about your functional and arithmetic preferences and requirements. Then, our designers will create a distinctive interior design and use 3D technology to demonstrate the potential of your home. Following that, we will collaborate with you to select important interior choices that fit your budget before developing a project schedule. When the construction is over, we offer you the keys to your brand-new home, capping off a successful collaboration.

  • - Pipework.
  • - Plant room.
  • - Plumbing.
  • - Rules of Thumb

Design drawing

Space planning, 3D modelling, floor plan development, furniture layout, and other services are among the many interior design and architecture services provided by D9. For your residential or business projects, our skilled designers can help you create beautiful and useful environments. To aid our professionals in understanding your design vision and preferences, you can submit thorough information and assets, such as images, color schemes, and inspiration pictures. You can also stay in touch frequently throughout the project to make sure the design lives up to your expectations. We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for residential or commercial construction in addition to interior designs and design drawings. D9 will quickly pop out when you search for the best interior design in Kochi because of our capacity, professionalism, and skill in everything that starts from project planning up to key handover.

  • - Guidelines for building.
  • - Thermal comfort.
  • - Types of building services.
  • - Types of heating system.








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